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Hot Dog Review: New vs Used Carts
hotdogstands wrote in hotdogreview
Hot dog street vending is undoubtedly a great company opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur. It permits you to be your own boss and to make some money regardless of whether on a full time or part time basis. As such, you are able to find hot dog carts at a variety of models and prices to suit your wants.

You might just need a small cart to place in front of a big office building during lunch break or a deluxe model which will hold sufficient supplies for you to remain at a particular location to promote your hot dogs and other treats all day long.

But one essential question a budding street vending entrepreneur often asks himself is: Do I purchase brand new or used hot dog vending carts?

The obvious answer is to get a new one. But veterans in the street vending business extremely suggest obtaining a refurbished or utilized unit, regardless of whether it's utilized vending cart, used hot dog cookers, etc.

Why? This is merely because it makes ideal company sense. You need to remember that you're just beginning in a business you know next to nothing about. So your chances of making mistakes are overwhelmingly great.

So as the saying goes: "Start small but dream big". As a budding street vending entrepreneur, that should be your mantra from now on.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a used hot dog cart which will suit your wants. Don't start by buying three or 5 vending carts. Just begin with one cart initial which you should run yourself, even if you can only do it on weekends. In this manner, you will get to know the business well sufficient if the people you will be hiring within the future are doing a good job.

Not only that, but any errors that you'll be generating running your one-man road vending company will probably be small as compared to having three or five vending carts. Get all the kinks worked out on your initial cart. Then all you need to do would be to duplicate your initial success. No doubt you will have it a lot easier at that point.

Aside from this, a used hot dog truck is less costly than a brand new one. Although the costs may vary according to the seller, used carts can normally be found beginning at about $500 to $2,000 for the base models and $3,000 to $12,000 for the deluxe units.

Bear in mind that a great price on a utilized hot dog cart is likely to be sold rather quickly, so you'll have to act quick. Besides, the money you save in purchasing a utilized cart could be an extra budget for the supplies that you'll need for example trays, chip clips, condiments, and a cash box, among other people.

Once you're established as a hot dog cart operator, you are able to promote your used vending cart and buy a brand new one. By this time, you will have more confidence and "street smarts" to run your vending empire.

But if you'll be selling for unique occasions - like sporting events or street fairs - you might be better off renting a unit from cart distributors. This will permit you to have a cart with out breaking the bank. Most rental companies offer every day rates that range from $300 to $600 and at weekly rates that start at $1000.

The moral lesson here is to begin small while you're still learning the ropes of the hot dog street vending business. Then you can expand your operations with out making the same errors other people have made before you. This may give you the head begin you will need to make a name for your self in this business.


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